Sharing information and increasing knowledge is the foremost activity of the Organization. Homeowners, professionals, and invited guests have been instrumental in providing facts, research, and transparency.

Our archive of previous presentations with handouts are available by selecting one of the educational topics below.

RSVP Forms are available when scheduled.

Announcements are circulated at meetings and to those that have registered for free to receive news, information and updates.

  • EPOHOA does not provide or endorse legal counsel, businesses or political parties.
  • No legal advice is provided or assumed by EPOHOA or invited speakers & guests.

Members Only Access: archive of previous presentations with handouts
Workshops are taught by professionals and invited guest speakers.
Seminars are sponsored and taught by sought after professionals in their field of study.
Workshops & Seminars require an RSVP
A nominal fee may be charged.
Preference is given to EPOHOA Members followed with the general public on a first come first serve basis.
Seating is limited.

30-40 minute session during scheduled EPOHOA meetings presented by members of EPOHOA. At times a guest speaker will provide valuable information. There is no fee and no RSVP required. Open to the public.

This online form is is for information only. No confidential information will be requested. The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Your responses are completely anonymous and used for identifying the topics for EPOHOA’s education sessions, tutorials, workshops & seminars

In March of each year EPOHOA participates in the 3-day Annual Home Show in Martinsburg, WV. Registration, advertisement, silent auction item, raffle item, handouts, etc. is paid by the support of EPOHOA Membership. Open to the public.


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